All GATHERINGS AND EVENTS ARE DESIGNED TO provide community and support to families, and to impart a strong biblical foundation for life and for decision making.


Bible School Classes 

Bible School Classes are offered for children from birth through the 5th grade as a part of Form Kids. These weekly experiences offer kids the chance to connect with parents, teachers, and each other as they interact with the word of God in unique and meaningful ways.

MEssy Church

Messy Church provides families an opportunity to come and enjoy being together, making things together, to eat and connect with other families. It is a worshiping community of all ages, giving people a chance to express their creativity and have fun within a unique church context.

Children’s church

Children’s Church serves children from PreK(4) through 5th grade. Children’s Church takes the theme of each summer’s VBS and expands on the ideas and concepts throughout the following year using games, Bible stories, crafts, mission opportunities, and corporate worship to help kids grow in relationship with Christ.

family service projects

Family service projects provide an opportunity for families to volunteer together and to reinforce the idea that kids can, and should, make a positive difference in the lives of others. Family service helps children to recognize their own blessings while cultivating empathy for others. The goal is that service become a part of family identity.

kids praise

Kids Praise is designed to provide children and families with an opportunity to worship in a corporate setting that is kid focused and yet a little more intentional than the basic Sabbath School song service. Kids are invited to sign up to sing a song, play an instrument, recite a memory verse, do a skit, or do anything else for the glory of God.


Family enrichment opportunities range from seminars on media, parenting, and child development, to healthy snack preparation and family hikes. Form Kids hopes to support families in every aspect of life and decision-making. Whatever your family system looks like, our goal is to help your family grow stronger emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


29 Messy Church


14 Kids Praise Choir

22 Children’s Church

26 Messy Church

29 Form Kids - Open House


05-07 Growing Together Summit

24 Messy Church


03 Form Kids - Family Hike

03 H&S Movie Night

10 Kids Praise

28 Messy Church


01 Adventurers Family Movie Night

15 ASDA Christmas Program