KEVIN WELLS  //   Senior Pastor

KEVIN WELLS // Senior Pastor

Kevin is the one you will normally see preaching, visiting in the foyer or coming to see you in the hospital. He has been called by God to point to Christ.

TOM GROVE  // Executive Pastor

TOM GROVE // Executive Pastor

Tom is the one who helps organize and make sure day to day operations run smoothly. He oversees the staff of the church and serves as overall “troubleshooter”.

A ALLAN MARTIN PhD  // YG Church Pastor

A ALLAN MARTIN PhD // YG Church Pastor

Allan is the one who is least likely to be preaching in a suit and is the most likely to be using social media. His passion for helping develop young adults as leaders is contagious.

DANNY CANO  //   UG Youth Pastor

DANNY CANO // UG Youth Pastor

Danny is the one who helps your high school students grow in relationship with Jesus. He has a gift for mentorship and for encouraging students to develop and use their talents for Christ.

ALLISON CASILLAS  // Children’s Pastor

ALLISON CASILLAS // Children’s Pastor

Allison is the one who helps your children experience Jesus from the moment they are born until they reach the teenage years. She works to strengthen and support our families.

LOSELIE WEBER  // Secretary

LOSELIE WEBER // Secretary

Loselie is the first voice you will hear when you call the church and the one most likely to respond to your email. She is the hub for all things Arlington Adventist Church.

MINDY COLVIN  // Events Coordinator

MINDY COLVIN // Events Coordinator

If it is happening at the church, Mindy knows about it. She is the keeper of the calendar and makes sure everyone is well taken care of when they use our building for ministry or events.

MARSHALL DUFF  // Treasurer

MARSHALL DUFF // Treasurer

Marshall is the one who is responsible for counting the dollars, as well as sometimes the Pesos and Euros. He also makes sure that everything in the building is working correctly.

JAMESON FRANCIS  // Music Director

JAMESON FRANCIS // Music Director

Not only does Jameson make great music, he also facilitates the amazing music we hear week in and week out during our Gatherings. If you can sing or play an instrument, Jameson is the one to talk to.

RYAN GIL  // Media Director

RYAN GIL // Media Director

If it has to do with the lights or the cameras that capture the action which takes place in worship, Ryan is the guy. He is a technical wizard but also understands the art behind an excellent worship service.

DANIELLE QUAYE  // Assistant Media Director

DANIELLE QUAYE // Assistant Media Director

Danielle is the one who makes sure our media team is where they need to be and that they are doing what they need to be doing. When directing camera or lighting crew she always asks nicely, in English or Korean.

HEIDI JACKSON // Revive Director

The Revive Community Care Director serves the church by developing and facilitating an effective and comprehensive program of both community outreach and global mission.