Doing Life Together



A ticket to the avengers. Cream stirred into a porcelain cup. Tables filled with food and conversation. LIFEgroups give me the space to gather with my fellow YGers outside of the church environment. LIFEgroups empower us to live life together. 

Through the week, our lives take a variety of directions. Some of us are full-time college students, others work a full-time job, and a number of YGers even have a family to raise. 

Each of us live unique experiences, but LIFEgroups give us the chance to disconnect from our week and connect with one another through activities we enjoy. Coming together is a blessing because we not only grow closer to Christ but also to one another. 

If YG is a human body, LIFEgroups are the heart where true vibrant relationships are formed. Over the past de- cade and a half, dozens of different LIFEgroups have developed. Young Professionals, Community Groups, & Vespers are just three examples. 

I have the opportunity to lead Young Professionals of DFW. Focused on connecting post-collegiate professionals, we meet each month for fun activities such as scavenger hunts, sporting events, and dinners. Welcoming fellow young professionals from across the metroplex simply to live life together has created authentic friendships for each of us. 

One Saturday night, Young Professionals met in downtown Fort Worth for soul food and live music. I remember getting dressed up, waiting for half of our group before we were seated, and making my way to the center of the restaurant. I sat next to two new women whom I had never met before. Spoiler, we eventually became great friends! We had a pleasant conversation about how they came to Texas and their experiences since moving to town. I remember having to raise my voice over the live jazz instruments, but it was worth it! 

I am so glad to be part of a church where young adults have a group to regularly meet with and enjoy our Saturday nights together. I feel a sense of belonging and am grateful that my fellow Young Professionals and I can grow together through LIFEgroups. Let me tell you about a couple of other LIFEgroups! 

Community Groups is a LIFEgroup that meets each Saturday following the YG Church service. Individuals bring their perspective of the pastor’s message and dig deeper. They discuss—even debate—applications from that day’s message. 

Timm Sharper shares that Community Groups provides an environment to hear and be challenged by the ideas of others that may not fully fit with his personal worldview. It empowers him to express what's on his heart and mind in a safe place full of compassion and vulnerability. Thinking over the dozens of Community Groups sessions he has attended and facilitated, Timm recognizes the need of deep conversations that dig into the message of love and help everyone truly think about how they can grow closer to Christ. 

For Natalia & Dennis Bokov, Vespers LIFEgroup provides the opportunity to be leaders in ministry. Vespers is a Friday evening gathering that meets in various homes across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex several times each month. Featuring a themed potluck style dinner followed by a time of worship, Vespers provide numerous individuals the platform to remain in their comfort zone yet become involved as ministry leaders. 

The Bokovs have welcomed this group to their cozy home in Fort Worth on several occasions. For them, LIFEgroups provide a relaxing environment to serve and lead through cooking, hospitality, and study into God’s Word. 

LIFEgroups represent spiritual encouragement. They remind us that we are not alone in our struggles. None of us are perfect, but somehow, that makes LIFEgroups authentic and attractive to me. When I think of Younger Generation Church, LIFEgroups are where I truly see Jesus in flesh and blood. 

Before you flip the page to another story, consider this as your personal invite, your gentle nudge to take this thing with Jesus to the next level. Whether you are able to join one of our LIFEgroups across North Texas, become a part of a group at your local church, or start a gathering within your community, just do it. You don’t need to have your life together; the Lord knows you better than you know yourself. Jesus loves to see us representing Him in our circles and community. 

For more information about our LIFEgroups and social gatherings, visit Let’s live life together!