Media Ministry



DID YOU KNOW that it takes nineteen volunteers over fifty hours each week to run Younger Generation Church’s service and stream it to our community of worshipers from around the world? Media Ministry is the hidden team that brings YG beyond the walls of the church. 

The Media Ministry team supports YG through a variety of production roles including lighting, directing, cinematography, visual display components, and more. Volunteers range from elementary aged children to adults and come from a variety of backgrounds and skillsets. Each volunteer brings his or her talents and passion together ready to learn and to serve. 

My experience with Media Ministry began in 2008. I started off serving as a camera operator alongside my two older sisters. It was a fun way to participate in church and to learn new things. I decided to continue my service through media. Ten years later, I am in my third year of serving as Assistant Media Director. Through this role, I oversee the visual aspects of the church’s media and am blessed to lead such a diverse and willing group of individuals. Each weekend is a learning opportunity and I get to experience YG from a very unique perspective. 

People often ask what our work truly entails. I thought I’d give you a taste! 

Every Friday afternoon, my team and I arrive at the church to prepare for the weekend’s services. The worship teams begin practicing at 7:00 PM so we quickly set up microphones, load lyrics and graphics, program the lights, and test the cameras. Through the evening, a half dozen of us support the worship teams and prepare for the various components of the weekend’s services. By 10:00 PM, when we head out for the night, the sky is dark. We quickly head home to get some rest before the preparations for first service at 8:00 am on Saturday. 

Saturday morning, we arrive at church in our media team polo shirts bright and early! The nineteen volunteers test equipment, care for last minute updates and pray for God’s blessing. While every week comes with challenges and unexpected hurdles, God always blesses us with everything and everyone that we need to share the YG message with our family across North Texas and around the world. 

While broadcasting a live service often doesn’t go exactly as planned, we press on and strive to make sure that everyone has a worship experience that connects him or her with Jesus. While we are exhausted by the time we depart, we are nourished by God’s blessings, ready to do it again the following week! 

Media Ministry has become part of my identity. It has provided me with opportunities to exhibit humility, patience, dedication, love, and friendship. It is an avenue for us to utilize our interests and talents to serve our church and community. 

I am blessed by the opportunity to serve Christ as YG reaches individuals from dozens of states and hundreds of countries. I am blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing team of hardworking people who exhibit Jesus to the world.