Younger Generation

Younger Generation Church is proud to release Younger Generation as we celebrate 15 years of ministry. This magazine shares the story of our church over the past decade and a half and has been made possible through the generosity of our donors. We are thankful to each of the following individuals who have made this magazine possible.

Platinum Sponsors:
Trent & Cindy Boyko
Tim Kosaka

Gold Sponsors:
YG Anniversary Committee
Silvia Davis

Silver Sponsors:
Robert Cardenas
Dominique Garcia
Shawn Johnson
Bo Livingston
Honoring Artemio Alejo Martin, MD

Bronze Sponsors:
Jason Burke
Steve Chaquette
Jim and Terri Culver
Gerald Dettling
Joel and Tammy Gueck
Slavic Kosmari
Christiane McAlexander
Barbara Quaye

Friends of YG:
Roman Kuchurivskyy
Jennifer Robles
Melinda Pandiangan
Timm Sharper
Joanna Ohiagu
Roseanna Ohiagu


Younger Generation tells the story of how we are a community that not only provides a space of worship & spiritual growth, but also gives the younger generation a church family.

If you would like to request for a copy to be mailed to you, please fill out the form below then please consider making a donation to cover shipping and handling. Your magazine will arrive in 1-2 weeks.

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