The Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) is collaborating with church leaders and next generations in two innovative research projects: Youth Ministry Innovations (YMI) and Ministry Innovations with Young Adults (MIYA). YMI focuses on high-school-aged youth, while MIYA focuses on ministry with 23- to 29-year-olds. These projects aim to create new practices that re-energize congregational imaginations to support young people in the spaces where they need the church the most.

“What’s so exciting about this project is that we are not doing this “for” young people, we are inviting them into the conversation,” lauds Dr. Steve Argue, Associate Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture at Fuller Seminary.


While past research and ministry efforts have helped young people journey toward adulthood, there is widespread agreement that new, more mature, and more systemic strategies are needed to help them navigate a rapidly changing world. FYI believes that the future of ministry with young people lies in reframing common ministry approaches and reimagining the spiritual practices that have animated the church throughout history.

We are pleased to announce that the following Seventh-day Adventist churches are collaborating with FYI in the 2018-19 YMI and MIYA cohorts.

Youth Ministry Innovations 2018-19 Cohort:

• Carmichael Seventh-day Adventist, California

• Placerville Seventh-day Adventist Church, California

Ministry Innovations with Young Adults 2018-19 Cohort:

• Cloverdale Seventh-day Adventist Church, Idaho

• Miami Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church, Florida

• Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church, Maryland

• Younger Generation Church, Texas


“Being part of MIYA has given the young adults of our church a voice to be part of an exciting and innovative initiative that embraces all generations,” shares Pastor Joseph Khabbaz, Youth and Young Pastor for the Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church. “I believe MIYA has tremendous potential to not only re-energize young adults in our church but also young adults in our city who are seeking to mature their faith and deepen their connection with God through community.”


Younger Generation Church is delighted to have on our MIYA team Anthony Fonseca, A. Allan Martin, Valeria N. Morales, and Kenneth Rose.

“It was great to meet young adults from other churches and other denominations,” lauded Valeria. “It was a lot of hard work, but I’m super excited about our MIYA project.”

The Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) is a research center at Fuller Theological Seminary. FYI exists to help the church become the best place for young people to grow. They turn research into resources for churches and families, with the vision of unlocking the potential of faithful young people to transform the world. fulleryouthinstitute.org