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Younger Generation Church is proud to release the Younger Generation as part of our 15th birthday celebration! Your support of any amount allows us to share the YG story with more individuals.

The magazine tells the story of how we are a community that not only provides a space of worship & spiritual growth, but also gives the younger generation a church family to live life together with. Your support allows us to share this magazine across North Texas in coffee shops, schools, and community centers.

Giving Levels
Bronze Sponsors: $50 - $100
Thank you Gift: YG Baseball Cap

Silver Sponsors: $100 - $500
Thank you Gift: Pair of Gala Tickets

Gold Sponsors: $500 - $1000
Thank you Gift: Set of 4 Gala Tickets

Platinum Sponsors: $1,000+
Thank you Gift: Set of 8 Gala Tickets

Please fill out the form below then click here to submit your gift. Once we receive your gift, we will email you with details about your thank you gift! If you have any questions, please email Thank you for your prayerful and financial support to the Younger Generation Magazine.

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